Cyber Security

QuinSec has developed a deep understanding of the cyber security threats businesses and individuals face. We have a team of deep-cyber specialists headed up by former Intelligence Agency staff and cyber security experts from the private sector. We have a unique and complete cyber and cyber-intelligence/due diligence package that is truly world class.

Whether your business requires a complete set-up or a review of its cyber security carried out we have the skills and experience to deliver. We work on an open and honest consultancy basis to establish exactly what your requirements are. This is often done on a zero-cost, no obligation basis.

Cyber Security Review & Risk Analysis

We conduct a complete Cyber security review to assess your Cyber security. This will involve talking to key staff to understand how they use information and IT systems. The review will provide recommendations that enable your organisation to make sensible, risk-based decisions that support the business. The risk analysis will also identify and articulate the key threats to the business, and help understand how these may impact on the business.

Resilient IT Infrastructure  

We will always make our recommendations on your requirements. Sometimes this will involve a complete IT infrastructure rebuild or simply upgrading or updating your existing architecture. QuinSec has built resilient networks from the “ground up” and have existing business relationships with many secure data centres. We are also able to recommend and implement other secure data storage solutions such as secure cloud.  


To complement your resilient IT Infrastructure we can provide:

Secure Communications:

Secure mobile or ‘land-line’ solutions allowing secure communications from your mobile, laptop, and tablet including voice, video, text and e-mail.

Penetration Testing:    

Pen tests are normally undertaken as a result of conducting risk analysis and may also be a mandatory requirement for organisations to comply with policy.


Bespoke training on cyber security either at desk or in our own offices.

Physical Security:

Physical security audits to help guide your organisation in regard to: office space enhancements, including secure furniture, locks, windows, control of access, protection of documents (encrypted devices), personal security procedures, situational awareness and also surveillance equipment/CCTV if required.

Corporate cyber protection and economic and long-term outlook analysis to include:

- Fraudulent activity monitoring – external and internal

- E-Discovery as appropriate in support of expansion requirements

- Monitor and report on customer requirements globally

- Discreetly monitor partners brand to protect revenue streams and reputation

- Social profiling of brand and standing on the www

- Monitor company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and growth potential:

- Competitor analysis, brand profiling and standing in market place

- Assist maintaining market leading position

- Monitoring global blogs/chat rooms/forums for positive/negative attitudes

- Monitor global performance

- Discreetly review and research global competitor performance

- Monitoring public reaction


Are you a victim of Cyber Attack?

The HoneyNet Project is a leading international non-profit security research organization, dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools to improve Internet security. With Chapters around the world, their volunteers have contributed to fight against malware, discovering new attacks and creating security tools used by businesses and government agencies all over the world. The organization continues to be on the cutting edge of security research by working to analyse the latest attacks and educating the public about threats to information systems across the world.

Go to the live HoneyMap feed here

“Security Tachometer” (Sicherheitstacho) is a Cyber Attack monitoring service launched by Germany’s Deutsche Telecom. Besides a real-time overview of current attacks, recorded by a total of 97 sensors, the website also provides statistics such as the top 15 source countries, distribution of attack targets, total number of attacks per day and overall sum of attackers per day.

Currently, the figures from the site show that a total of 2,402,722 Cyber Attacks were recorded last month as originating from Russia. Over 900,000 were traced back to Taiwan and 780,000 to Germany.

Go to the live “Security Tachometer” feed here